Sign Our Petition- Support Abolishing the U.S Dept. of Education

abolish dept of ed

The Federal Government has no Constitutional authority to be involved in creating and implementing education curriculum, yet bureaucrats in Washington were able to force Common Core Standards on students, parents and school districts- through the Department of Education.

Every tax dollar spent on funding bureaucrats in Washington at the Department of Education should be sent back to the states, and back to the classrooms.  That is why I have introduced simple legislation to abolish the federal Department of Education in its entirety.

This one sentence piece of legislation reads;

“The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018.”

In November 2016, the American people elected conservatives all across the country who ran on a platform of smaller, more limited government and this legislation takes us a step in the right direction- local school boards, teachers, and parents deciding how best how to educate their children, not out of touch bureaucrats in Washington.

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