Petition to support #Amexit from the UN

Sign your name below to add your support for HR 1205, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. 

This crucial legislation would;

  • Stops US payments of billions of dollars to the UN
  • Prevent US Armed Forces from serving under UN command
  • End diplomatic immunity for foreign UN members in the US
  • Close the UN headquarters in NY

United Nations membership includes third-world dictators and as a member of the UN, we bind our citizens to decisions made by undemocratic countries.

Our constitution should always be the supreme law of the land.

The United Nations also costs our country billions of dollars and I believe we should bring those tax dollars back to America.

In addition, the UN presents a real threat to our 2nd Amendment rights, most obviously in their push for the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). This treaty encourages members to set up national recordkeeping requirements for those with firearms and pushes members to share these lists with other member countries. Individual, legal firearm users should not be included in a multinational Arms Trade Treaty agreement. Secretary Kerry signed this agreement against the will of the United State Senate and the American people.

Now that the world has watched Britain fight to regain some of the sovereignty they had lost, America should do the same.

It is time to remove ourselves from the United Nations and once again hold the Constitution as the highest law in America.

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