Thank You!


Thank you! This is truly a momentous occasion.

After months of campaigning and traveling across the district, after working hard with tireless and dedicated supporters, we have a reason to celebrate.

You, the great people of Kentucky’s 4th district have made the impossible possible. You have proven once again that it is the people who have the power, and it is the people who are going to take back control of our government and set this country on the right path.

No matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican; we all recognize that Washington is broken and sorely lacking common sense.

It is clear from the results tonight that both Democrats and Republicans agree with our proposition that fiscal responsibility and constitutional government can bring our country back to greatness.

I am so proud to have been chosen as the next Congressman from the 4th district, and I am truly humbled by the support and extremely grateful for the hard work of all the people who supported my campaign.

This is only the beginning, we have much more work to do and I know we will be successful with all of you at my side.

From me, my wife Rhonda, my entire family, and staff, we would like to thank every last one of you for making this victory possible.


Thomas Massie

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