Home Stretch: Massie Money Bomb October 19th

Dear Supporter,

We are in the home stretch of this campaign season, with only 34 days left until Election Day. I have traveled all around Kentucky’s 4th District, and the support from good people like you has been inspiring.

You see, every day, more and more people are joining the fight against big government, high taxes, and economy-crushing regulations by supporting me for Congress. That’s because the people of Kentucky know that the future of our country depends on true, conservative leadership in Washington, D.C. and I am the only candidate in this race who represents the values of the people of Kentucky.

But in order to make it through to the finish line and secure a victory for liberty, I need to get my message out to every single voter in the 4th Congressional District. We need the resources to be able to get our message out down the home stretch. That’s why my supporters are holding an upcoming money bomb for my campaign.

On Friday, October 19th, and Saturday, October 20th, my campaign is set to have our biggest fundraiser yet. In order to get my message out, and secure a victory, all you have to do is visit my website on one of those days and donate.

So please join in donating whatever you can, every donation matters.

This race is the perfect opportunity to send a clear message against the big-government status quo in Washington. Your donations will help spread my message and help me reach out to the people of Kentucky and take our country back. Because spreading my message is so important, my family and I are doing everything we can to reach out to the people of Kentucky.

My campaign is in full swing, and I couldn’t do it without supporters like you. With your help, I will become next Congressman for Kentucky’s 4th District.

Please help me bring fiscal sanity, constitutional principles, and real Kentucky values to Washington.

For Liberty,

Thomas Massie

P.S. Please donate online at secure.thomasmassie.com.

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