Senator Mike Lee Endorses Thomas Massie for Congress

“America deserves representatives who will faithfully uphold and respect the Constitution”

FLORENCE, Kentucky– Today, Thomas Massie, Tea Party favorite and leading candidate for the Republican nomination in Kentucky’s 4th congressional district received the endorsement of U.S. Senator Mike Lee (Utah). Lee’s backing is another in a long list of conservative endorsements for Massie including that of fellow Tea Party Senator, Kentucky’s own Rand Paul. See the statement from Sen. Lee giving his endorsement below.

“America deserves representatives who will faithfully uphold and respect the Constitution. That’s why I am proud to endorse Thomas Massie, candidate for Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District.

“My friend and colleague Senator Rand Paul and I need all the help we can get in both houses of Congress to restore constitutionally limited government.  Tom is a proven leader and businessman who understands that government shouldn’t be spending more than it takes in.  We must get our debt under control and Tom will be a strong voice in helping us rein in the size and influence of government.

“Tom is an advocate for a balanced budget amendment, Second Amendment rights, and a strong national defense.  He will vote to repeal ObamaCare, fight against burdensome regulations, and oppose tax increases on hardworking Americans.  Tom understands the proper role of the federal government and that states possess certain powers on which the federal government may not intrude.  I trust he will be a faithful and effective representative for the people of Kentucky.”