Massie Campaign Responds to False Negative Attacks

Opposition chooses mud-slinging over honest debate of important issues


FLORENCE, Kentucky – Sadly, the 4th District race for US Congress was dragged into the mud today when Gary Moore released false and misleading attacks against fellow Republican candidate Thomas Massie.

Gary Moore, a career politician so desperate to seek and win his next office, sees Thomas Massie leading the race for the Republican nomination in the 4th District, so he has resorted to negative attacks based on lies.

Gary Moore’s false attacks are so preposterous that cn2 reports “the 41 percent number is incorrect” (

The truth is, Thomas Massie decreased Lewis County’s budget by 21% (External Link).

In the 16 months since Thomas Massie was elected, he has privatized Lewis County’s trash pickup, reduced the county’s debt and reduced Lewis County’s overall tax burden.

In fact, in the first 9 months of taking office, Thomas Massie eliminated enough wasteful government spending in Lewis County to pay for his first three years’salary as Judge Executive.

Meanwhile, in the 12 years that Gary Moore has been in office, the Boone County budget has increased by over 200%.

“Gary Moore knows the truth, but his desperation to win office has suddenly overcome his better judgment,”said Massie campaign Chairman Phil Moffett.

Before today, the race for US Congress had been about the candidates putting forward their best positions – running on who they are and what they would do if elected. Gary Moore has shown the depth of his desperation with absolute falsehoods in his negative ads and mailers, trying to tear Thomas Massie down.

Thomas Massie will continue to run as a champion of liberty, small government, lower taxes and true outsider reform. He will not only run like Rand Paul, he will be an independent, conservative voice for Kentucky against the career politicians, special interests and entrenched establishment of Washington DC.

“False and misleading attacks are demeaning to the voters of the 4th District, and it’s a shame that Gary Moore has dragged this race into the mud,”said Moffett.