Candidate for Congress Thomas Massie Receives Coveted Endorsement of U.S. Sen. Rand Paul

FLORENCE, Kentucky – Lewis County Judge Executive Thomas Massie, Republican candidate for Congress in Kentucky’s 4th District, today received the coveted and consequential endorsement of U.S. Senator Rand Paul. The endorsement takes the form of a television ad to run on broadcast and cable television in the Commonwealth.

In making public his endorsement of Massie, Senator Paul issued the following statement, which also is the script of the television advertisement:

“I don’t like anyone telling me how to vote. I make up my own mind, and vote for the candidate who best supports term limits, balanced budgets, and the Constitution. Without question‚ I think Thomas Massie best fits that description.

“Thomas Massie is not a career politician. He’s a taxpayer, a businessman who’s concerned that the debt threatens our future.

“Thomas Massie will make a difference in Washington.”

Massie, for his part, issued the following statement of praise and appreciation:

“I thank Dr. Paul for his support, which will inspire conservatives to rally around my candidacy. As Senator, Rand Paul has exceeded my expectations and those of millions of conservatives nationwide while still staying true to the values of our beloved Kentucky. I look forward to working with Senator Paul while in Congress to advance our shared principles of fiscal responsibility and constitutionally-limited government.”

This ad will run on television throughout the coming week.