Boone County Commissioner Matt Dedden Endorses Thomas Massie

FLORENCE, Kentucky – Boone County Commissioner and small businessman Matt Dedden endorses Thomas Massie for Congress in Kentucky’s 4th District. The following is a statement issued by Commissioner Dedden:

After careful consideration, my choice for Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District seat is Thomas Massie.

lt is obvious to most voters that our county, state and namely our federal government is out of control. We are heavily taxed and regulated and many times misled. It’s time that we elect a congressman that will take a stand. We need an elected official with a sound business sense and the heart to tell us the truth. We need someone who will fight for our constitutional rights and one who believes in less government. They need to be a strong advocate for reduced spending and less regulation. This person must be willing and able to read and understand large, complex documents. This official must be able to make tough decisions and be able to tell us why. Most important of all, this person needs to be able to stand up to the establishment. I believe Thomas Massie is that candidate.

I was motivated to get involved in Boone County politics because I felt strongly that our local government was headed in the wrong direction; too much smoke and mirrors and not enough accountability or transparency. An excellent example of this is Gary Moore’s claim that he lowered the tax rate by 7%, implying your property taxes have been reduced. The truth is the tax rate is only one factor in the formula to compute your property tax bill. There are other factors. No one’s tax bill has gone down during his time in office. It’s just typical political smoke and mirrors. ln Frankfort and Washington, they use the same double talk when talking about spending cuts. We need an honest and hard working individual who will say what they mean and mean what they say. I believe Thomas Massie will be that congressman.

To me, true Conservatism means no new taxes. When we are told of Gary Moore’s commitment to no new taxes, I am reminded of the parks tax he fully supported and describes as “revenue neutral” (no harm done). Truth is Judge Moore failed to place controls on the taxing boards that “temporarily” cut their rates. At anytime in the future they will have the opportunity to raise them. Judge Moore says he placed that tax on the ballot so voters would have a choice. Using his title, time, and position in both public and private venues, he worked tirelessly for the passage of this tax. I want a leader with strong no-new-tax convictions. The parks tax should not have been considered much less put to a public vote. Our children and grandchildren do not deserve a tax-burdened future. We need honest leadership now. I believe Thomas Massie will be that congressman.

Some will say support for the next congressman should be for an individual from our own area. The Chamber of Commerce says it is critical we replace Geoff Davis with someone who understands our issues and needs. We need to resist this call to “vote for one of the locals.” Honestly, what we need is the right person for the job regardless of where they are from. Local issues and needs can be understood and met if that person is truly “in it for the people”. I believe Thomas Massie is that person.

I fully support and endorse Thomas Massie as our next 4th District Congressman.

Matthew J. Dedden


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