Lewis County Elected Republicans Endorse Thomas Massie for Congress

FLORENCE, Kentucky – Several Lewis County elected republicans have signed a letter of endorsment supporting Thomas Massie for the 4th District Congressional seat.

Re: Thomas Massie for Congress 2012

We wish to express, in one voice and in one accord, our full support of the candidacy of Thomas Massie for Congress in Kentucky’s Fourth Congressional District. We take this unusual step of making a joint statement because we believe that Thomas Massie is the individual that can best represent our conservative values in the United States House of Representatives.

Thomas Massie is the best individual to represent our party in the general election on November 6, 2012. Thomas believes that our federal government should be smaller, taxes should be lower, and is opposed to President Obama’s insistence on eroding our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms – we stand beside Thomas in those beliefs. Thomas can and will unite conservative minded people to join him in his effort to reign in our federal government. Now more than ever, we need a leader like Thomas Massie in the halls of Congress to make our beliefs known and heard.

Thomas works everyday to ensure that our county government is run in the most efficient manner possible using common sense and hard work. We find such common sense and hard work to be lacking in our nation’s capitol. Thomas Massie is the common sense conservative candidate that this district should be sending to Congress.

As citizens and leaders, we strongly endorse Thomas Massie for Congress.

Benjamin L. Harrison
Chairman, Lewis Co. Republican Party

Thomas M. Bertram
Lewis Co. Attorney

Johnny Bivens
Lewis Co. Sheriff

Kathy Hardy
Lewis Co. Circuit Clerk

Glenda K. Himes
Lewis County Clerk

Chris McCane
Lewis Co. Jailer

Anthony Silvey
Lewis Co. PVA

Tony Gaydos
Lewis Co. Coroner


Lewis County Citizens & Leaders Endorsement


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