Alexandria Mayor Endorsement of Thomas Massie for U.S. Congress

Why I Support and Endorse Thomas Massie for Congress

I am supporting and endorsing Thomas Massie for a multitude of reasons. I have met with Thomas on several occasions and find him to be a well educated young man of considerable accomplishment and intellect. He is articulate, personable and a man of high moral character. He has demonstrated himself to be an innovative and creative thinker and a problem solver both in business as well as government. He is a man I trust with the future of our district for not only myself, but for my daughter and two granddaughter’s future as well.

He developed a very successful small business, he holds many patents, and is a strong family man who purposely chose to return to his roots in Northern Kentucky after achieving significant financial success upon graduating from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and forming his successful business venture in the high tech field of computer software development.

His common sense approach to government involvement in our daily lives and strong conservative values are quite refreshing. He is very much a Pro-Life advocate, wants low taxes, and is a balanced budget advocate who is against wasteful government spending. He is strong on fiscal responsibility at all levels of government. Thomas is also a strong supporter of our Nation’s veterans and feels they do not get sufficient help and support upon their return to civilian life.

These are many of the reasons I support Thomas and I ask that you do as well.

Bill Rachford
Alexandria, Kentucky

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