Judge Thomas Massie Exposes Open Meetings Act Violations; Attorney General Concurs

FLORENCE, Kentucky – Judge Executive Thomas Massie received a favorable ruling from Kentucky’s Office of the Attorney General related to the Buffalo Trace Area Development District’s (BTADD) secret ballot election of a board member.

Massie asserted that BTADD violated The Open Meetings Act by conducting a secret ballot to elect a board member and by conducting a series of less than quorum meetings to secure a majority of votes. In ruling number 12-OMD-067 dated March 26th, Kentucky’s Attorney General found the BTADD did in fact violate KRS 61.835, cautioned BTADD that 61.810(2) could be violated by a series of closed meetings, and advised BTADD that absentee proxy votes prepared by its staff and submitted by its board members were not legitimate.

“The election of the new board member was not even on the agenda yet board members came with proxy votes from other board members who were not able to attend,” Massie stated.  “Back-room dealings were going on.  Our citizens deserve full transparency and protection from these kinds of acts.  That’s why I filed the complaint.”

“I’m encouraged that the Attorney General ruled in my favor,” said Massie. “The Open Meetings Act is in place to protect taxpayers from the abuse inherent in Good-Ole-Boy politics.  The public has a right to know exactly who voted for the appointment and who did not.  This AG decision stands as a guidepost for other public boards across the state and leaves no room for those who would try to reinterpret the law at the expense of the public trust.”

Judge Massie, 41, is a candidate for U.S. Congress in Kentucky’s 4thDistrict.  He holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.  He is an award winning inventor and successful businessman.  Currently he serves as Judge Executive in Lewis County where he lives with his wife and four children on their family farm.