Thomas Massie Endorsed By Alexandria Councilwoman Barb Weber

FLORENCE, Kentucky  – 4th District Republican Congressional candidate Judge Thomas Massie was endorsed today by Alexandria Councilwoman Barb Weber.

“I find him to be a very personable and principled man who is opposed to Obama Care, warrantless search and seizures, new firearm restrictions, and internet censorship,” said Weber.  “Mr. Massie supports a balanced budget, comprehensive tax reform, and the use of domestic oil, coal, and natural gas.”

“Thomas Massie is pro-life and is a true conservative Republican,” continued Weber.  “Too many of our elected political leaders promise many things and then do not deliver. I believe Mr. Massie to be a person who ‘walks the walk and talks the talk’.  He will deliver on his campaign promises. Mr. Massie’s ideology strongly reminds me of our Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Thomas Massie, 41, holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.  He is an award winning inventor, successful businessman, and farmer.  Currently he serves as Judge Executive in Lewis County where he lives with his wife and four children on their family farm.

This is the third significant endorsement of Massie from Northern Kentucky elected officials.  Others include Boone County PVA Cindy Arlinghaus and Campbell County Commissioner Brian Painter.



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