Thomas Massie Endorsed By Boone County PVA Cindy Arlinghaus

FLORENCE, Kentucky – 4th District Republican Congressional candidate Judge Thomas Massie was endorsed today by Boone County PVA Cindy Arlinghaus.

Ms. Arlinghaus is Kentucky’s youngest elected PVA and the force behind HB-48, a bill correcting a flaw in Kentucky law allowing tax authorities like fiscal courts and city governments to raise your property taxes by more than the stated 4% maximum without a popular vote by taxpayers.

“At a recent County Judges Association meeting, Thomas Massie was the only County Judge to speak out in favor of correcting this problem.  He clearly understood the flaw opened the door to abusive tax increases by the tax authorities amounting to unconstitutional taxation without representation.”

Thomas Massie, 41, holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.  He is an award winning inventor, successful businessman, and farmer.  Currently he serves as Judge Executive in Lewis County where he lives with his wife and four children on their family farm.

“Thomas Massie found the same flaw before he considered running for Judge Executive in Lewis County,” said Arlinghaus. “I was impressed that a private citizen would take the time to understand this complex issue and fight this abuse.  Lewis County thought so much of Thomas, they subsequently elected him County Judge.  The people of the 4thDistrict will be well served by Thomas Massie as our new Congressman.”