Thomas Massie Endorsed by Campbell County Commissioner Brian Painter

FLORENCE, Kentucky – 4th District Republican Congressional Candidate Judge Thomas Massie was endorsed today by Brian Painter. Painter is the Campbell County Commissioner for District 1.

In a statement, Commissioner Painter said, “So why do we need him as our congressman? Right now we are engaged in a battle to keep our area supplied with good jobs, so our kids don’t have to leave to find employment.  There are ongoing efforts centering around the college of informatics at NKU (Griffin Hall). We are trying to get high tech start-ups to plant here.  Thomas Massie understands the nature of this type of job creation.  Having a young energetic congressman who has his type of experience will help our area compete.  I support Thomas in the primary election to take place May 22nd because I want our area to grow and prosper.”

Painter continued, “He is Pro-life, Pro-family, and wants to limit government intrusion into our personal lives and business. His story is fascinating.  He went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, got a higher degree in engineering and started up a company on the high tech beltway that excelled. Quite successful, he and his wife Rhonda (also an MIT grad) felt the call to come back to their Kentucky home in Vanceburg to raise their four kids.  After building his house, Thomas saw a way to improve how taxes were spent in Lewis County. He ran for Judge Executive in 2010 and won overwhelmingly. He is personal and friendly. Take the time to meet him, it is worth it.”

Painter is a Northern Kentucky businessman.  He owns and operates Vineyard Hardwoods, a woodworking shop near Alexandria, KY.  He’s married to his wife of 30 years, Sulinda, and was elected as Campbell County Commissioner, District 1 in November 2010.

This is the second high-profile endorsement in as many days for Judge Massie.  He also received an endorsement from Phil Moffett, former Republican gubernatorial primary candidate and TEA Party favorite who carried the 4th Congressional district in 2011.