Thomas Massie Responds to IRS Demands of TEA Party

FLORENCE, Kentucky – At a recent event, Fourth District Congressional candidate Thomas Massie was asked about the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) long delayed information request of the Kentucky 912 Project and other Liberty groups from across the country related to their non-profit tax-exempt applications. The unusual IRS demand requires these organizations to provide names of all volunteers, contributors, their family members, speakers, as well as screen shots of web pages operated by the organizations and Facebook posts.  The IRS inquiry further requires organizations to state whether their members had been candidates for political office or would ever be candidates for political office.

Massie responded, “At the very core of our representative republic exists the right to peacefully assemble to debate and discuss the issues of the day.  TEA parties, 912 groups, and other liberty oriented organizations have contributed immensely to the national dialogue. The recent actions of the IRS smack of an attempt to silence those of our citizenry who are most vocal about defending our rights.”

“The Constitution protects the natural God given rights of all citizens from an obtrusive and overbearing government.  As your next 4th District Congressman I will work diligently to uphold our Constitution.”