Congressional Candidate Thomas Massie Opens Florence Campaign Headquarters

Congressional candidate Thomas Massie greeted around 100 supporters at the grand opening of his Florence campaign headquarters Saturday, February 18th. He spoke to the crowd for about ten minutes outlining his platform, and he then greeted supporters individually to discuss issues and answer questions.

Massie began his speech by thanking those in attendance as well as his wife Rhonda for her support. He opened with a few lighthearted jokes, one of which addressed his notably youthful appearance. He related that he was out campaigning recently and as he was helping a woman with her groceries, she asked him, “Does your mother know you’re doing this?” Massie replied by asking, “Do you know my mom?” She responded, “No, but you don’t look old enough to vote.”

Massie then turned to the more serious campaign matters and revved up his followers with the reminder that he can achieve a majority vote with a great ground game from his supporters – alluding to the ground support that helped lead Senator Rand Paul to a decisive victory over Attorney General Jack Conway. Massie’s supporters, some of whom had begun the day’s events by waving signs to passersby, indicated their agreement with cheers and clapping.

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